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Pittsboro startup creating energy with its software-defined electricity (+ video)

3DFS touts the reach of its technology

Oct, 9 2017, 7:42 AM

"3DFS Technology redefines what is possible with control of electricity, improving efficiency and stability of renewables, microgrids, batteries, generators, monitoring, predictive analytics and many more." - from 3DFS

PITTSBORO - From Popular Mechanics to Forbes, a Pittsboro startup is generating a lot of energy with a patented technology that is defining a new means of improving energy efficiency thorugh the use of artificial intelligence - and much more.

The company is 3DFS.

The concept its software-defined electricity.

Who are the people behind this venture, and what's the technology all about? WRAL TechWire explains in a Q&A and founder/CEO Chris Doerfler.‚Äč

3DFS has invented a new type of energy efficiency technology that cleans, balances and precisely distributes electricity in a way that prevents heat losses and delivers ideal power to every device connected to an electrical network.

An electrical network protected with Software-Defined Electricity is stabilized and each device will consume less energy, operate at lower temperatures and perform work more efficiently and consistently.

3DFS is currently manufacturing products that use Software-Defined Electricity and other technologies that leverage similar signature analysis and integrated modeling in a 10,000 sq ft electronics manufacturing facility in Pittsboro, NC.

An extraordinary amount of time was spent on design in order to incorporate this intricate blend of power electronics, internet technology, edge computing and artificial intelligence.

3DFS Technology measures electricity at the main panel in nanoseconds, exhaustively analyzes it to calculate corrective actions and then at the microsecond level makes a tiny injections or extractions of current at precise times to maintain the electrical energy flow as a smooth, continuous energy stream for the entire network.

There are a lot of innovations within this system, however the one that stands out is our computing power, which we have coined Conveyor Matrix Computing and is orders of magnitude more powerful and efficient than traditional matrix computing.

This ability to process staggering amounts of data on site in real time in conjunction with the highly efficient mathematical modeling and algorithms give 3DFS a technological advantage over competitors.

This is a transformative technology and a model example of innovation.

At the core of the concept of Software-Defined Electricity is accuracy of electricity measurement. When one examines the existing methodology of electricity measurement (RMS, Root Mean Squared), it becomes stunningly obvious that it does not measure precisely, rather all of the values are calculated.

Without accuracy of measurement, how can losses be determined? How can electricity be properly distributed? By developing an accurate electricity measurement methodology, we have opened the door to a world of new possibility with electricity, including perfect energy transfer in electrical networks.

Our methodology also intersects with big data with our ability to identify every device in an electrical network from the main electrical panel by reading the electricity. Real time non-invasive device monitoring and diagnosing of maintenance needs and impending failures opens a number of markets related to energy data and analytics.

Part two: More background, plans for growth