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Startup profile: Purillume, bringing back quality, brightness to hotel lighting (+ video)

Sep, 18 2017, 3:36 PM

If you believe lighting adds to the visiting experience at a hotel and you miss the uniqueness that such a feature can provide thanks to the advent of LEDs, a Cary startup is seeking to return more ambiance with its lighting technology.

They didn't invent a better light bulb but what they believe is a better lamp.

"The light bulb manufacturers have eliminated the option to get a bright, quality, energy efficient source," says CEO Neeraj Lal  "At Purillume, we are looking to fill this void."

LED and older CFL bulbs "have limitations and can’t deliver the brightness and light quality that we expect and deserve. Lighting technology has the potential to do so much more," Purillume says.

The solution? Its Orchid LED lamp.

The Orchid "taps that potential and brings incredible color fidelity and complete control over color temperature and brightness to homes, hotels, offices, assisted living centers—anywhere you'd use a lamp."

The lamps include:

Lal, a designer and creator, has spent more than a decade in the LED industry.  “One night in a dim and gloomy hotel room he asked himself “Why can’t this room be brighter, why can’t I change these lights…” Thus was born the idea for Purillume.

Assisting him is Quinn Marceil, ​the firm's lead engineer who has "designed hundreds of custom builds for a variety of applications," Purillume says.

For a vide overview of the Orchid, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y2raK3Fsnc

​Purillume will be presenting at the CED Tech Venture Conference on Sept. 19-20.

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Profile: Purillume, Inc.

​The Q&A:

We are focused on indoor spaces and room such as hotels, residences and offices. Anywhere there is a lamp, Purillume's solution can light up the room.

The light bulb manufacturers have eliminated the option to get a bright, quality, energy efficient source. At Purillume, we are looking to fill this void.

By integrating the light source into the lamp, I am able to delivery a brighter, higher quality solution than anything found in a bulb.

Combining that with the ability to customize the light through easy-to-use controls and careful design architecture makes it a unique solution.

Purillume brings back the quality and brightness missing from today's light sources and gives hotel owners/operators the ability to deliver an enhanced guest room experience to differentiate themselves from everyone else.  

The business was self funded for the first 18 months. I raised a friends and family round which raised $400,000.