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Resident group proposes Airbnb rules for Raleigh

Resident group proposed Airbnb rules for Raleigh

May, 19 2017, 5:30 AM

The Raleigh task force resident group proposed official Airbnb regulations at a meeting Thursday evening, voting to recommend allowing short-term rentals in Raleigh through sites like Airbnb.

Without Airbnb regulations in the city, technically short-term rentals are not allowed within city limits. But city officials do not enforce that rule.

Under the recommendations passed by the task force, owners would need a permit from the city to rent out property. The recommendations now go on to the city council.

"There are ways this can be done very well," said task force member Brent Woodcox.

Jenni Faison rents out a room in her family home and another separate property in Raleigh.

"It was the best option," Faison said. "Short-term rentals are good for a town, it's good for a city, it's good for Raleigh."

The new recommendations will apply to most short-term rental situations.

"A lot of people, they want to rent out just an extra room or they want to rent out their house when they go on vacation," Woodcox said.

A sticking point for the task force was whole house rentals. Those are investment properties that owners rent out but do not live in.

The task force recommends allowing them in mixed use areas of the city. But they suggest city leaders carefully consider  allowing those rentals in residential neighborhoods.

"Get data, hear from neighbors that are next to short-term rentals," Woodcox said. "And ask, "Is this something that is working in your neighborhood? Are you having problems?'"

Rob Bucklin wants to see city leaders include those properties as well.

"We have a townhouse that is looked at as a whole house unite," Bucklin said. "People who come to visit really enjoy getting into a whole house to bring their whole family."