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Chinese Academy of Sciences sues Cree, alleges LED patent infringement

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May, 16 2017, 7:04 AM

Cree, an aggressive fighter against patent infringement on its intellectual property portfolio, now faces a suit in China - from the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences.That's the same organization integral to the founding of Lenovo.

Chinese media sites confirm that Cree, which is based in Durham and has a major presence in China where it manufactures LEDs, has been sued by the CAS which alleges infringements of two LED patents.

The story was first reported by ScienceNet.

The academy wants a permanent injunction as well as damages.

" A CAS official pointed toward the huge amount of R&D spending undertaken by the organisation and called on Cree to stop infringing and work together with CAS to “promote industrial progress” and establish a more 'fair and reasonable' market," reports news site IAM.

IAM also notes that Cree faces a substantial opponent in CAS.

"CAS is a huge organization which acts as a national think tank and academic governing body for the natural sciences in China. Two universities and over 100 research institutions across the country fall under the CAS umbrella," IAM points out.

" A contact in Beijing tells IAM that CAS affiliates have a history of involvement in IP invalidation cases and other rights disputes.," IAM adds.

Cree (Nasdaq: CREE) recently has won its own series of patent battles.

Lenovo, one of the world's leading PC manufacturing companies, maintains one of its two headquarters in Morrisville.

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