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Sounds of Commerce: Bronto transforms marketing data into a work of art for Moogfest


May, 15 2017, 8:15 AM

The city of Durham is very special to Oracle + Bronto. The “Bull City” is our home, where our company was founded, and it’s also home to a not-so-little festival called Moogfest.

Moogfest, which runs this year from May 18-21, is a large music, arts and technology festival that brings together an eclectic mix of inventors, musicians, artists, engineers and more. It’s everything that makes Durham great all rolled into one amazing event.

This year, more than 40,000 people from around the world are expected to attend the remarkable venue of creativity and passion that looks to bridge the divide between engineering and artistry.

At Oracle + Bronto, one of our fundamental principles is to support our local community. From our headquarters in the heart of Durham’s historic American Tobacco Campus, we enjoy contributing to the city’s renaissance as a technology hotspot. And what better way to show our love and support for the community than taking part in one of its most popular events? So, this year, we’ve decided to sponsor and participate in Moogfest.

Our challenge: How can we, as a SaaS software company, bridge the divide between engineering and art? At Oracle + Bronto, we know how to manage data. Lots of it. Every day, consumers receive personalized marketing messages that the world’s top internet retailers create, schedule and deliver automatically using our cloud-based commerce marketing automation platform. We had to find a creative way to transform the huge amount of marketing data we manage into something amazing for Moogfest.

So, a team of Bronto’s have come together to create an interactive installation that transforms the billions of data points collected by, and sent, using our technology into sight and sound.

It’s called “The Sounds of Commerce.” Its purpose? To illustrate the sheer scale of data shared daily between consumers and the world’s top ecommerce brands to make it all relatable.

The Sounds of Commerce transforms the terabytes of data we have coursing through our system into music and art. Through it, we’ve associated events, such as open, clicks and conversions, with the sounds of different instruments and paired it with unique colors and lights.

You might be asking why we as a company are involved with Moogfest, and the answer is simple: Our passion for our community and employees has helped us develop and foster a unique culture at Bronto that empowers us to do great things. We call it the Bronto Nation.

The Sounds of Commerce is another way to encourage the creativity of the Bronto Nation. I’m personally looking forward to the final results of the project, and I hope you’ll join us at Moogfest to experience it for yourself.

Editor's note: Carolyn Sparano is general manager of Bronto. She wrote this Op/Ed at the request of WRAL TechWire.