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ExitEvent: How to develop rock-solid banking relationships (for when your startup needs money)

May, 2 2017, 11:31 AM

Say you’re having drinks with some smart friends on the weekend and you come up with a half-baked app idea.

You take some time after work to try and refine the idea. A few hours after a day in the office turn into all nighters. Phone calls with your friends from the bars turn into meetings or Skype sessions.

The sketches turn into lines of code, and the conversations turn from fantasy into reality.

Now you’ve built a product or prototype. You’ve started market research to begin identifying customers. Things look good. You’re getting close.

Now comes the hard part. You love your idea and you love the work you’re doing to build your product. However, you can’t keep up the pace of development while you’ve got a day job. You need capital.

Sketching out your future might be a blast, but finding ways to fund your dreams can be terrify-ing. Add to this the fact that CEOs are getting younger, and this new generation of innovators might not have the network or expertise in business or finance that the older generation does. Most young startups founders will have to look somewhere for funding, and for those of us that don’t have a strong network or are opposed to borrowing from friends or family, bank loans are a great option.

While “loan” may seem like a scary four-letter word to some recent college graduates, it can be a fantastic route. I had a chance to speak to some folks from Wells Fargo to help come up with a few ways to make the business loan process as easy and beneficial as possible for a young startup business.

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